St.Kilda Cruises

Spectacularly rugged, forbidding, yet teeming with rare species of plant and bird life, the remote archipelago of St Kilda has fascinated explorers, naturalists and adventurers, keen to discover for themselves its unique history, landscape and wildlife.
Established in 2005, Kilda Cruises is based in The Isle of Harris and aims to provide a fast, comfortable day trip service with St Kilda as its main destination, and other remote outlying islands by request.
World Heritage Site
St Kilda has long been recognised as a wildlife and marine life habitat of world importance. There are a number of species unique to the islands, which are carefully monitored by conservation bodies. The awe-inspiring landscape, human history, and the sheer remoteness of St Kilda intrigue many. The islands are a UNESCO Reserve, National Nature Reserve, Ancient Monument and a World Heritage Site due to their environmental importance and scenic beauty. Excursion to St. Kilda. Kilda Cruises