Enjoy midwinter in Harris!

The Isle of Harris has limited daylight hours in winter - and the weather can be very harsh for several days ...but even in the winter months there are delights to be seen in the Outer Hebrides!
From the dawn of time, the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year, the sun rises in Harris after 9am and is beginning to set again after 3.30 pm.
This leaves a mere of six to seven hours of beautiful daylight, assuming clear weather conditions of course. The solstice marks a turning point and the days will lengthen again. We all can look forward to the ‘rebirth’ of the sun!

For an island so far north, the Outer Hebrides have a remarkably mild climate. In winter it is one of the warmest places on earth at this latitude. Around the islands the warm Atlantic currents flowing along the edge of the continental shelf, meeting the colder water around to give the islands its temperate maritime climate. Of course we will see some snow and light frost as well, but this only adds to the beauty of this place!

Harris shoreline with its very varied habitats is the main reason why wildlife finds the islands so attractive. In summertime shoals of small fish are the main food source for breeding seabirds but in winter, because the sea here doesn't freeze, there's still always something for birds to eat: wriggly things in piles of seaweed driven ashore by winter gales; or fish and shellfish in the kelp-forested shallows where otters, seals, shags and eiders can feed all year round.
View from Gannet Cottage, the beach, the sea, and the mountains with snow.

Visit Harris in the winter and you will enjoy extremes such as romantic sun sets, storms sweeping the waves at beaches, golfing on a beautiful quiet day, enjoying the northern lights, hiking under the midnight sun, canoeing in the archipelago, climbing the mountains, sailing on the ocean and walking on the many white sands.
And what about enjoying a glass of wine after a good walk at the beach or having a sauna or a steam shower being rosy from a day spending outdoors.

We are open the year round and you are very welcome experiencing Winter in Harris and please have a look at our special winter prices at the website! Please contact us any time for information about our cottages by phone or you are very welcome to send us a mail.

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